How can I host my form on a CNAME / custom domain?

Some customers may wish to host their form on a custom domain, like, where the customer owns the domain "".

Here's how to get it set up:

  1. Ensure you're on the right plan: CNAMEs require the agency plan or above. Head to your account and upgrade your plan if necessary.
  2. Take note of the form ID you wish to host on a CNAME - see how to get your form ID.
  3. Create a CNAME with a value of - meanwhile, you should set the "host" to the part of your domain you wish to CNAME, eg. "form" for "".

    Although each domain provider is slightly different, this is what the setup looks like on Namecheap:

    Some providers add a "." (dot) after the value - this can safely be ignored.

  4. Contact Growform support and request a CNAME to be set up, and provide the form ID and custom domain.

Please note that CNAMES will take 6-24 hours to fully resolve once your support ticket has been resolved. We will be streamlining this process in the future.

How to change your CNAME

To update the form ID attached to a CNAME, please contact support. There is no need to make changes on the domain control panel when updating the form ID.

How to add a CNAME on popular hosts

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