When should I use conditional logic on steps vs fields?

Growform's conditional logic is very flexible and great for advanced use-cases - but this flexibility can also lead to confusing experiences if not managed carefully.

It's possible to show and hide entire steps, or just individual fields - but which should you use?

Generally speaking...

You should try showing/hiding fields before steps.

For example, let's say you ask the user what type of property they have in step 1...

... and you wish to ask a follow-up question on the next step: whether they own the property.

You may wish to say "Do you own the house" if they selected "House" on step 1, or "Do you own the bungalow" if they selected bungalow.

The easiest way to achieve this would be to add a show/hide individual fields, but use same "step 2" for all options:

You could achieve a similar result by showing/hiding steps, but that would result in 3x as many steps to manage - as well as 3x as many fields in your form!

If you have lots of fields only relevant to a particular option

This is where showing/hiding entire steps comes in handy: if you have multiple fields to show or hide based on a user's responses, consider grouping them into a step.

If you wish to show or hide buttons...

You should show or hide the step the buttons are on. This means you can hide any surrounding decorative elements like paragraphs and headers, and makes it easy to keep track of in the step manager.

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