How to send form fields as query parameters on form completion

If you're redirecting users to a custom URL on form completion, you may also wish to send the user's fields through as query parameters.

For example, you may wish to include the user's first name on a custom "thank you" page, or you may wish to pre-populate a system like Calendly or Accuity Scheduling.

Here's how...

1.) Enable custom redirect and query parameters

Open up your form and navigate to "Edit form settings". Then, about halfway down the page, set "action on form submission" to "Redirect to custom URL".

Enter a URL, and check "Send form fields through on redirect":

Don't forget to hit "Save" at the bottom of the page!

2.) Set custom querystring param names

Now you're redirecting on form submission, your users will be redirected to a URL like this:

However, perhaps you need to send that text field through as something like "first_name", or "fname" - or another field name your destination is expecting.

To configure this, just go back to the form builder and select the relevant field. In the left-hand panel, under "advanced settings", edit the option "Send query param as..." to be your desired query parameter name. In this example, we want to send this text field through as "fname":

Don't forget to save your form!

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