How can I integrate Growform with Pabbly Connect?

Pabbly Connect is an integration-platform-as-a-service provider (or "iPaas") or a tool that lets you "glue" different tools together.

To get Growform leads into Pabbly Connect, we'll be setting up a webhook.

Here's how...

1.) Create a workflow in Pabbly Connect

Hit "Create workflow" to create a workflow, then give it a name:

2.) Choose "Webhook"

Hit "Webhook". You can search this, but it should be one of the first items in the list.

3.) Copy your webhook URL

You'll now be prompted to copy your webhook URL.

This is a secret URL that Growform needs to know in order to "tell" Pabbly Connect about new form entries.

Hit the "Copy" button...

The webhook URL is now copied to your clipboard.

4.) Create a new webhook in Growform

Go to your form in Growform and hit "Edit form settings" in the top, blue navigation bar.

Navigate to "Alerts & integrations", and then hit "Add integration", before choosing "Webhook".

Paste the webhook URL you copied from step 3 into "Endpoint URL" in Growform and hit "Save":

5.) Send a test submission

Now, it's time to send a test submission over to Pabbly Connect, so you can map your Growform fields to another tool.

To do this, just view your form as a customer and fill it in.

You should then see your submission appear in Pabbly Connect:

6.) Check fields / response

Under "Response", you'll see all of the information Pabbly Connect pulled from the webhook.

In this example, the email address value from the form can be found under "Form Submission Fields Email 907058108782 Value":

7.) Map your fields to other apps!

The hard bit is done now - now, you just need to choose an app to map fields to, and select the Growform field values from the dropdowns that Pabbly Connect gives you.

In this example, we'll create a gMail email and put the user's email address in the "to" field (useful for creating an autoresponder!)...

Now, just repeat this process for every field you need to map!

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