How to migrate your Zapier integrations to Growform v1.2

On 1st June 2022, zaps using the v1.1 Growform/Zapier integration will be paused to make room for the new and improved v1.2 integration.

To keep everything running, you'll need to migrate any zaps currently on v1.1 by this date.

What does the new version do?

After lots of customer feedback, we've ditched impossible-to-remember fields like this:

... in favour of nice, easy to remember (and change) field names like this:

How to migrate to version 1.2 of our Zapier integration

1.) Find your Growform Zap in Zapier

First, go to and click the Zap you wish to update:

2.) Update the trigger to use "Growform 1.2"

Once you're inside the Zap, hit "Edit" on the trigger and update it to the shiny new "Growform v1.2" -

You may need to update your API key, which can be found here . You'll likely need to reselect the form you were watching for submissions, as well as testing the trigger for new data.

Once you've reconfigured the trigger to use Growform v1.2, you should see a screen like this:

Hit "Continue", and move onto the next step...

3.) Double-check your actions and update any field names

You should now click any actions you may have on your Zap and update any fields that now say "No data".

In this example, our zap was looking for an email and phone field:

Click each field that says "No data" and replace it with the new values:

Remember, you're looking to replace old fields like "Email_9070581571082" with new field names like "Your Email Address".

It's easy to rename fields in Growform - just use this guide.

Once you're done choosing the new fields, be sure to hit "Continue" and save your zap.

That's it - you've now updated your zaps and will benefit from future updates!

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