How to give fields custom names

Field names are used in our lead alert emails, "View leads" page and  Zapier connections - so it's worth changing them to something meaningful!

if you're seeing "(Unnamed field)" around, this simply means that the field has no name - which can eaisly be fixed with this guide.

To rename a field, open up the Growform builder and click the field you wish to rename, and enter a new field name in the left-hand panel:

Then, hit "Save" in the top-right corner. That's it!

An important note about field names and Zapier

Zapier uses field names to identify Growform fields. So, you should always make sure your fields have different names.

Because of Zapier's reliance on field names, you should always re-check the details of your Zap and run a test after updating field names - as changing field names will break any Zapier integration you have set up.

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